Valuing your Musical Creativity


Legally established companies in Jamaica, with at least 5 commercially released recordings written by persons under contract. Publishers seek oppurtunities for their writers to expand their earning potential and to ensure all their members works are fully registered with the copyright society.

Apply now for JACAP publisher membership

The composers of music, authors of lyrics or poems which have been set to music, arrangers of non-copyright music and music publishers are eligible to apply for membership as long as they fulfill certain criteria:

1. Publishers must have a catalogue of works of which at least 5 have been commercially published and/or commercially recorded.

    • The work (s) must have been commercially recorded, broadcast and transmitted by internet, TV or radio broadcasting station or included in cable programme or recorded on a sound track of a film which has been released for public exploitation.
    • Performed in public on at least twelve occasions within the past two years.
    • The writers of the qualifying works must be members of JACAP, or one of its affiliated societies.

2. Prospective applicant must supply the works preferably in mp3 format which must have the following in support of the application:

    • The title of the songs / Dub Poem
    • The performer stage name / artist name
    • The lyricist(s) birth name
    • The composer(s) birth name
    • The name of the recording label
    • Distribution Information

NB. Failure to provide a properly labeled CD and/or relevant information will result in incomplete registration which will not be accepted.

3. Copies of all assignments/contracts between the applicant and the writers in respect of the works concerned must also be supplied.

4.Publisher member must show Documents of Incorporation (All company documents).

5. Prospective applicants must complete an application form; and all sections must be filled out and signed.

6. Prospective applicants must present a valid photo ID: i) Drivers license ii) Passport iii) National ID.

7. A director of the company must present 2 passport size photos.

8. An application fee of $12,750.00 is required.

9. Copy of TRN


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