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Before downloading the licence, please make note of JACAP's Licencing Policies and Tariff below:

JACAP Licensing Policies

1. General Conditions

The tariff is published for general information; publication does not constitute an offer to grant a licence. The license fee applicable to any public performance or series of performances will be determined by the Society on the basis of all relevant circumstances. In particular, this tariff is not intended to be exhaustive and for public performances, which in the Society’s opinion fall outside those contemplated below, rates will be quoted on application.

An applicant for a licence must give whatever information is necessary to enable the Society to determine the License Fee, either in terms of this tariff or otherwise as appropriate.

All license fees are charged at the License Fee rate in force at the beginning of the licence year.

2. Payment of License Fee

License Fees are payable upon presentation of invoice or as per agreements.

3. General Consumption Tax

This Tax is not applicable as the Society is engaged in a non-taxable activity

4. Refunds

  • No refunds will be granted in the absence of verification of attendance numbers from a certified audited statement or another credible source.
  • Rather than applying a credit to the licensing fees for the following year, a refund cheque may be issued when an Account has a credit balance, if the refund conditions are met.
  • If an Account submits a request for a refund in writing, it will be provided only if the following conditions exist:
    • The Account does not have an outstanding balance under any other tariff;
    • The Account does not have any outstanding actual reports under any other tariff;
  • A credit note detailing the refund must be processed with a copy provided to client and an office copy.
  • The above conditions are NOT applicable in cases where the minimum license fee is paid by the licensee.
  • he General Manager must approve refunds.

5. Waivers & Discount

  • JACAP’s policy concerning waivers is that these are only granted to registered charities and except under exceptional circumstances granted to other organisations as approved by the Board.
  • Discounts may be made only to those organisations or individuals in good financial standing with JACAP to a maximum of 20% gross licensing fees and 30% registered charities
  • Where a licence has been obtained in advance of music use a discount of 10% will be allowed at the point of sale.

6. Payment Plans

  • Any payment plan must first be approved by the General Manager of JACAP and must be in writing and signed off on by the JACAP representative and the licensee.
  • The grant of a payment plan may be subject to the payment of interest.

7. Schools

JACAP offers special general rates for official activities of schools. However, the application of these rates is subject to the verification of event details.
  • Fetes $8,000.00
  • Fairs $4,000.00
  • Pageants $10,000.00

pdf-iconClick here for the Exhibitions & Trade Fairs Tariff

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