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How many members are there in JACAP?

JACAP Membership has increased from 44 in 1999 to 3,152 members as at April 2013.

Who can join JACAP?

    • Writers (composers and lyricists), publishers and proprietors.
    • A beneficiary, trustee or personal representative of a deceased writer, publisher or proprietor (with provisos).

The category of membership does not affect the share of royalties due to a member.

There are rules and regulations governing both application for membership and members' conduct.

How do you become a JACAP member?

Applications from eligible persons must be made in writing, signed by the applicant, or, in the case of a Limited Company, by an authorized representative. From time to time criteria for membership may be set by the Board and implemented once approved by the Society in General Meeting.

Is there a Membership fee?

There is a one-time membership fee of J$2,500.00 for writers and J$12,500 for publishers.

What are the requirement to Joining JACAP?

See the requirements to join JACAP


  • A membership card.
  • Open House Policy
  • Efficient payment of royalties twice per year for local collections and incoming royalties three times per year.
  • Detailed statements of royalties paid.
  • Royalties received from overseas affiliates are paid in the currency received
  • Direct bank deposits
  • Advice and consultation on copyright protection.
  • JACAP is a member of the Anti-Piracy Alliance that partners with the police to prevent copyright infringement
  • When a JACAP member dies the beneficiary under his will can apply for membership as a Successor Member.
  • Quarterly Members Forum to disseminate copyright information.
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