Valuing your Musical Creativity

ALL sections of this form must be completed  

State affiliation with any other society or organization administering performing or mechanical rights anywhere in the world.


We apply for membership of the Society.

We understand that, if admitted, our membership will be subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Society and that our rights, obligations and liabilities as a member will be governed by the Memorandum and Articles and all rules and regulations made hereunder and we accept and agree accordingly.

We hereby enclose the following required documents and understand that failure to supply these documentation, the rules of the Articles will apply.

We enclose herewith:  

1) our admission fee 

2) copy of all registration documents

3) a list of works which have been commercially recorded, release and published

4) copy of sub-publishing agreements

5) copy of writers agreements of the works listed in support of our application

6) TRN, copies of ID’s for Signing Officers

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